When the project gets to big for you

July is coming to an end…

Thank goodness.

This month I have been pushing myself to…of course…do more. It’s a never ending process and basically setting up goals I may not accomplish. Still I managed to get a lot for myself done. The only thing though…

I haven’t created a lot of art.

This month I started several projects that are all a little bigger. Instead of my standard portrait style I wanted to really push for background and environments, and more conceptual pieces. I started six…I finished two.

The worst part is that I managed to get the concept and compositions down. I even have base coloring, but when trying to flesh it out, nothing seems to be moving the way I want them to so I take a break from them. Now I’m four deep and exhausted (it doesn’t help that I have been researching for freelance gigs which takes up hours of my time as of late).

Right now it is about getting myself comfortable with bringing more to my work. However I think I need to really slow down because it’s not coming together. I’m gonna eventually write a piece about hitting an artistic roadblock mid piece, but for now, I just want to really get back into a groove where I can create and be excited to create.

Creating a portfolio website and continuing my youtube and patreon

We are now four days into June, aka the halfway point of the year. I like to think I have done a lot for myself. I am working on getting on my own two feet, while also taking my art career seriously. Because of that, I need a good way for people to find my art, while also not having to worry about continuously updating it every three days (tumblr, Instagram, twitter). Of course a portfolio is the choice way to go, and online ones are so much easier because they do all that I said..and I don’t have to waste paper!

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Art Supply review: Premiere by Nicole Dual Tip Design Marker

With a mouthful of a title, this is one of three new art supplies I picked up a few weeks ago during a trip to Michaels. The original purpose of my trip was to obtain Copics…only to find out they were not sold at the location I went to. I was going to settle on Prisma Color dual tips, but there was a major sale, and the majority of them were gone (not restocked at the moment). So I decided to take a chance on the Premiere by Nicole Dual Tips.

At just just 3.99 a pop, I bought 13 markers. That was about 43 dollars right there. The big reason I went for them was because they had a big selection of browns, which meant I finally would have a bigger selection of skin tones.

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Pretty in Pink!

If there is one thing I hated about my art was how noticeable dark lines were. When using black graphite/lead, you can run the risk of leaving noticeable marks on your work. For some artist, this is just fine. They know how to cover it up or its an intentional part of the piece. I’m am neither. I can be heavy handed, so dark lines of the sketches tend to show. Now over the years I have gotten considerably better at making lighter marks. I have also found lead pencils that create light marks. Still I always worry if y’all can see that when I post.

That is…until around February…when I finally made the change.

Instead of the traditional black/grey graphite…I now use a regular pink color pencil.

When I mean regular I mean this.


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