A small update and some advertising

So it has been a minute. I just wanted to tell you guys that I am doing inktober this year!

I have made it to Day 5, and I think I am going to pass my record (six days  lol). The goal is to make it half way through, but honestly I want to actually go all the way!

Anyway you can follow me on Instagram (faisonctart) to see my progress. This week I am keeping it mostly black and white with some color accents. Next week I am still going to keep it pretty monochromatic. but I am going to start using my color inks!!!!!

Once again you can keep up with my progress on Instagram! I am going to do a weekly review and talk about my work on here (it’s gonna be a mess lol).


This is only relevant because I am using the same theme I am using for Inktober to do a series of Digital pieces! They are exclusive to Patreon at the $1 level!

So please if you want to support me in anyway that would be a GREAT way!

A  link to my patreon: patreon.com/faisonctart


A very bad art night

So last night I was met with a conflict that I absolutely hate. I was drawing and nothing was coming together.

I feel like I post this way too many times, but it’s my art blog so let me get these thoughts out. Anyway that day was a mild one: I did some minor admin work, worked on a commission, and drafted up an email for a publication…I hate doing cold emails. That night, around 7 pm (EST), I decided that I just wanted to play around and draw. I actually wanted to try and play around with my shading and skintone techniques, but I really just wanted to keep it loose.

So I started at 7 at night…and did not get much done. I started three different projects and got to varying points of progress. I gave up just shortly after Midnight. I was so frustrated. The final point was the most developed and I still HATED it. Moslty because in the five hours I was drawing, I didn’t get comfortable or loose. The fluidity that comes with time just seemed to not be there. My lines were terrible, my proportions STAYED off. Normally you can push through and things may get better, but listen just as many times it doesn’t. I was a living mess and I hated it.

Once I saw that the second hour of Golden Girls was on Hallmark, I just gave up and went to bed. I fell asleep MAD and PRESSED (something I would never recommend). I’m going to go and work on it soon, and hopefully disaster fingers will not be a thing.

There is no moral to this story, or happy ending. It was a trash five hours and I can’t believe the fruits of my labor were spoiled and rotten.

The Studio and the magic it creates

WorkSpaceFullToday I finally did the thing I have been meaning to do for well over two months…I organized my studio space! Yes, I have a studio, well it is more of a workspace. But it is mine. I don’t think there is any more special place to me right now than my workspace/studio. Due to my current living situation, I am set up personally and professionally in my living room. The window is right there, which means natural light and all. In a space that’s very…public and open, it is still somehow mine. Right now however it is a bit of a…mess. Continue reading “The Studio and the magic it creates”

The relief in No: Dealing with rejection

For the last several months, I have been really trying to dive into the art-world professionally. I decided my career path is going to be that of a freelance artist and illustrator (digital formats). Of course without a formal education and networking, I have had a bit of a rough time getting anywhere. It is admittedly been hard to navigtate online spaces for work without getting lost in the beginning. The only things that I have really changed is a few more commission opportunities for personal projects. Still like any job, I have to face that one simple message will always push through.

The no.

Continue reading “The relief in No: Dealing with rejection”

When the project gets to big for you

July is coming to an end…

Thank goodness.

This month I have been pushing myself to…of course…do more. It’s a never ending process and basically setting up goals I may not accomplish. Still I managed to get a lot for myself done. The only thing though…

I haven’t created a lot of art.

This month I started several projects that are all a little bigger. Instead of my standard portrait style I wanted to really push for background and environments, and more conceptual pieces. I started six…I finished two.

The worst part is that I managed to get the concept and compositions down. I even have base coloring, but when trying to flesh it out, nothing seems to be moving the way I want them to so I take a break from them. Now I’m four deep and exhausted (it doesn’t help that I have been researching for freelance gigs which takes up hours of my time as of late).

Right now it is about getting myself comfortable with bringing more to my work. However I think I need to really slow down because it’s not coming together. I’m gonna eventually write a piece about hitting an artistic roadblock mid piece, but for now, I just want to really get back into a groove where I can create and be excited to create.

Creating a portfolio website and continuing my youtube and patreon

We are now four days into June, aka the halfway point of the year. I like to think I have done a lot for myself. I am working on getting on my own two feet, while also taking my art career seriously. Because of that, I need a good way for people to find my art, while also not having to worry about continuously updating it every three days (tumblr, Instagram, twitter). Of course a portfolio is the choice way to go, and online ones are so much easier because they do all that I said..and I don’t have to waste paper!

Continue reading “Creating a portfolio website and continuing my youtube and patreon”

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