Staying active on my off days

The one thing about trying to monetize your art career is that you don’t really get off days like that. Of course you can just sit back and chill, but in reality there is more to do.

The last two days I haven’t done much in terms of art. I have been drawing in my sketchbook for a fun project, but other than that, I haven’t painted, planned, or even drawn on my computer. I’ve just sat back, and worked on some other things. These other things have been necessary for me. Even if just minimal. I have started a few post for this blog, I have looked over my commissions info (Which I am going to have to add to this site eventually).

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Favorite Art youtubers 1: Minnie Smalls (SemiSkimmedMin)


Youtube has become such a great space to really allow artist to express themselves and open the world up to their processes. It isn’t like many artist are not doing the same things, but the overall feel and vibe to many of them can be different. I have also seen artist take the same concept and just make something distinguishable with them. Watching other artist work and listening to their experiences/fears/joy has really push me to keep creating in some dry times. So here are some artist that I enjoy on youtube.

Minnie Smalls (SemmieSkimmedMin)

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Going through some changes!

I am going to be working on tinkering the blog. Hopefully updating the layout to something a little more fun and not as dull. I am working on a couple of post to upload afterward! Be on the look out!

Have a great weekend!

Art Post: Pollen


So I did this over a month ago (as you can see by the date at the bottom)! But I am now finding the time to post about it! This was the second painting I have done. I wish I had the equipment to take proper photos of it to post (although I do have photoshop).

  • Title: Pollen
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Time Spent: 3 Hours

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Another Post about markers!

Last year I did a post about markers, and how I wanted to really dive into that medium. Well I did. I started with a set of cheap Crayola markers, and spent nearly six months working with them. What did I learn?

They are cheap markers for kids!

No but seriously, they are a water-based marker, so I didn’t really expect much. Still I had learned a bit: I learned how to layer, what colors I am into, blending different colors, and how to finesse on paper not meant for water color. By the end of the year, I was determined to upgrade myself to a better set of markers.

*Unfortunately there is not an art store around me, so I had to go digital*

Of course I did the research, and found several brands that I wanted, of course I didn’t have the money to obtain them. Seriously, Copics being as expensive as they are…sheesh.

Originally, I was looking for Touch markers…they were relatively cheap, and I was hoping to get a decent set just to play with. But then…at the top…was a brand called Ohuhu. When I say cheap…40 dual tip markers, for the price of 21.99. With Amazon prime, I didn’t pay for shipping either!


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2016: A year of success

Warning: I tried to navigate this post with a clear sense of what I was saying, but shit don’t turn out the way you want it!

The need to strive and succeed is so unrealistic when you have been dealt rather unfortunate hands. That doesn’t mean you should quit when things don’t go your way. Instead it just means that not everyone is going to make it at the same time (or at all, let’s be honest). But you shouldn’t look at yourself as the second one. Instead of focusing on how quickly or majorly someone else has succeeded, you should look at yourself and pat yourself on the back for the work you already did.

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A long, and very accidental break

So I have not been updating in the longest. The only piece of social media that I have been really active on is my twitter and tumblr (because I can use it on my phone).
By accident, I had to take a break from updating and art in general. Why?

Because my internet sucks.

In that time I purchased the latest pokemon game, finished it, and painted a sunset and mountain range. I also got through portions of my latest projects. But nothing truly complete. I kind of just simmered. It was nice.

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow, I am just going to lie about and tweak some new pieces…


A friendly reminder to STOP when you need to.

I don’t have rhyme or reason right now…this post is truly just my thoughts with no editing…

This week has been exhausting…as an American citizen I have been finding myself wracking my brain over these last few days and what has happened. I have seen so many artist (and creators in general) feel the need to push themselves to be on the pulse. We have to politicize our art, our work.

That can be true, and for many just simply creating is something of a statement. Y0u are making content that may have not been there for people like you. All of this is true and valid. I personally work in the mindset of adding more black people, and people of color in general to spaces where they are not seen. Painting black women and black men being normal or in fantasy or supernatural. I have written series that feature primarily black people…why? Because I grew up with a limited view and access to them. I understand this…I live this…sometimes making a statement is just as easy as being there.

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Filming woes

So I am currently trying to resurrect my youtube channel, which means filming and finding all my old video editing stuff…I got most of it back.

It’s been a long process but I felt I was ready to really take that step as an artist. So I looked up other artist and their video making processes. What they used, camera angles, how and where to find music to use (LEGALLY), video editing software (apparently my Windows Movie Maker is not going to cut it). All of these things to make a great video. I have experience with making videos for youtube (editing and minor effects) so this was largely not new to me. However an art video takes some more effort. I was willing to put in the work.

So yesterday, I decided that I was going to do it. I sat down, set everything up. And got into painting. I had taken early shots of my waters, paint mixing, the image itself. For that extra intro effect…got through the entire background, and some of the skin of my character…and I was like…something not feeling right. Everything is going TOO well.

Well guess what…

It was…I checked to make sure it was filming. Red numbers mean we are good to go. Guess what I found…

Red numbers? No.

An image of my work? No…

A black screen? YES

I had been filming…nothing. The camera had turned off, due to a low battery and I was left with nothing.

I was livid. I was sad. I was embarrassed. I got over it and finished my piece. Next time I will actually get to record the video all the way through and post it.Still filming myself was very easy once I got into it. Of course I was careful/mindful of the carmera (when I checked I was going to do several to make sure it was okay). But yeah, it was fun.


So let this be a lesson for you. Charge your damn camera before recording yourself making something.

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