About Me

Hello everyone! If you have made it to this page, you are interested in learning about me, as a person, an artist, and whatever necessary info I can provide for you. As there is no need for long introductions, let us get started with getting to know me…Chris Faison.

About Me

Well my name is Chris Faison. I am a freelance artist and illustrator based in North Carolina. I am a self taught artist who is still learning, looking for any new challenge to come my way. While I love to dabble in both traditional and digital media, I professionally seek digital formats, preferring the accessible nature and unique way of storytelling that comes from it. My art is heavily influenced by storytelling. I love writing as a hobby, and as a child loved to read and create images in my head. I am absolutely in love with animation and how you can create a narrative with visuals. As such I strive to make sure to create pieces that can tell a story, whether it is a full blown illustration or even something as simple as a portrait.

As a gay Black artist I believe in creating art that reflects me but also seeing art that expresses such a wide variety of topics and imagery. I love diverse illustrations, from genre to people. Art is a medium that gives people infinite freedom to create whatever they want. To see images of black and brown people in narratives that we feel we are often excluded from is so empowering to me as an artist, and as such I want to make sure I can contribute to that as well.

About the blog

This blog is simply a way for me to dive into my thoughts about being an artist. From abstract posts about the struggles of a freelancer, to simple things such as art hauls and product reviews, I wanted a space for me to really express myself as an artist that I cannot through my work.

About me as a person!

  • My favorite color is green
  • I am a night person (I have had issues sleeping and my schedule tends to shift towards the night)
  • My favorite shows: A Different World, Bob’s Burgers, and Twilight Zone
  • *Some* favorite music artist: Donna Summers, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Maxwell
  • Pets: None sadly
  • Favorite Food: Chicken and dumplings, baked pasta dishes in general, SEAFOOD
  • I am terrible with responding back to personal messages. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I am often preoccupied and hate the sound of my phone leaving it on silent (sans phone calls), which means I don’t hear everything.
  • I used to be afraid of the dark, now I can only really sleep when it is completely dark, even if it is daytime.

Me as an artist!

  • I started drawing at a young age.
  • I do digital and traditional art. However for professional purposes I am a digital artist
  • Used to be only into figure drawing, but I have always dabbled in other styles.
  • I have a bag and a toolbox worth of art supplies, and I want more.
  • I hated painting until recently. Painting is such an amazing medium but it is scary as it feels much more permanent.
  • Even though my favorite color is green, I love painting with blues and purples. I think they are two of the loveliest colors.


Digital-Wacom Tablet, Photoshop CS6

Traditional: Graphite, watercolor, acrylic, inks

Outside of these I dabble in whatever comes my way. I love water colors and textures and patterns, and trying to incorporate them into my art as much as possible.

Social Media and ways to contact me

I am on a variety of sites, however they do not all get my attention. For the best way to follow me visit Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is more of a fun personal space for me although I do update my art there often. Instagram I post a few times a week, both finished and draft versions. I am also on sites like Patreon, as well as having my own personal website that I use to house my portfolio and other pieces of art.

Twitter: FaisonctArt

Instagram: FaisonctArt

Patreon: FaisonctArt

Amazon wishlist!

Website/Portfolio Linked here

Twine link: https://www.twine.fm/Faisonct

Business inquiries

If you would like to hire me for commissions, both personal and professional, please email me. I am currently available for commissions. Please visit my website to read my TERMS OF SERVICE AND COMMISSIONS INFO! If you are still interested shoot me an email so we can discuss matters further. My email is tgnartfaison@gmail.com

This is everything that needs to be said! I hope you guys enjoyed learning more about me and how I operate. Once again any questions can be sent to me via email (tgnartfaison@gmail.com). Have a great day, stay and keep creating!



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