Art Post: Strawberry Ice Cream

Guess who is back with another art post!

This is for my print ready piece, Strawberry Ice Cream!


Strawberry Ice Cream

Medium: Wacom Tablet, Photoshop

Time: 3 Hours

I actually planned to do this one way earlier and completed it with a new set of watercolors I had been testing. It was…well this is the new version.

For this piece I wanted to really make it cute and pretty. So lots of pinks and reds and yellows. I also decided to forgo blending on this piece and just do straight blocking. This forced me to really be considerate about my colors and shapes. If you look at her “foam” coat, you can see a bit of texture there. I used a specialized brush to create that rough texture I wanted and then used a blending option to lighten it up seamlessly.


  • The ice cream on top of her head
  • the sprnkles (or jimmies) on her face


  • Not much of an issue, but I wish I had added just a few sprinkles in certain spots.

Strawberry Ice Cream was so fun to create, and it came out really well. It was quick, I knew what I wanted, and even when I had to really play with things, I was able to pull the results close to my vision.

Follow me on Patreon (Link here), to see a full image step by step process of this piece!

Also you can own this piece, purchasable through my redbubble shop (As linked here)!


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