Creating a portfolio website and continuing my youtube and patreon

We are now four days into June, aka the halfway point of the year. I like to think I have done a lot for myself. I am working on getting on my own two feet, while also taking my art career seriously. Because of that, I need a good way for people to find my art, while also not having to worry about continuously updating it every three days (tumblr, Instagram, twitter). Of course a portfolio is the choice way to go, and online ones are so much easier because they do all that I said..and I don’t have to waste paper!

So yeah, I am in the process of creating a basic portfolio website (that may one day take over as a main site/store/blog). I am currently looking at other artist pages, and getting my life from them. Hopefully I will have something ready in the coming weeks.

Another part of my art that I want to really get on track is my youtube. Yes I have a youtube. Unfortunately I do not have the greatest equipment so most of my previous work is below acceptable standards (for me). Right now I am probably gonna focus on digital art because screen recording is easier for me.

Lastly there is patreon. Right now I have only one patron, and since I support the five dollar tier for another artist…well I am losing money. Because of that I have really slowed down on my Patreon, but I am looking to really get it back together. If you would like to pledge, that would be great.

A lot of things really boil down to me being committed of course, but if you want to support me you can. I’m planning a video for this week so be on the look out for that. Thank you guys and have a great day.


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