Sketchbook madness

So recently I have finished two sketchbooks. This is such a big thing for any artist I think. A sketchbook is kind of where you throw ideas at the wall, or play with your style. Whether you admit it or not, your sketchbook is an investment. So when the final page is done…you know it conquered it.

It’s not the greatest sketchbook, and if you are not a fan of the tear away kind of pages, I wouldn’t suggest it. But it was cheap and nice to have. There paper wasn’t thick by any means, but it didn’t immediately give like some other cheaper quality paper. With some assistance I was able to use it for markers and some times mini watercolor things. With the markers I used, it of course bled, but didn’t lose to the ink. With water color, because it wasn’t water color, it didn’t absorb like it could, but still wasn’t terrible.

The other sketchbook I have…well…it’s old. I have had it since 2014…like the first picture in it is a drawing I did in graphite of Beyoncé  from the Self-Titled era. It’s old. I remember periodically using it to for random things and all that. It wasn’t until last year that I strived to finish it. From what I can tell, this was definitely not made for wet media. With the only exception maybe being ink of some kind. Pages are a bit on the yellow side, very thin. It’s also the size of a regular notebook, which means the pages are big. I rarely fill an entire page up with anything, and I tend to draw small so a lot of pages feel…bare for me.

Right now I am without an official sketchbook. I have a big one from a prior art class that I doodle in, but I want a couple of more sketchbooks to really create, plan and just play around with. I love how other artist fill their sketchbooks, and want to invest the time and effort into doing the same.




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