Art Post: Elephant Ears

So I am finally back with another post, particularly an ART POST!!!! This one being for a digital piece called Elephant Ears, featuring an OC I call Phanny.


Elephant Ears (ft Phanny)

Medium: Wacom Tablet, Photoshop

Time: 4 Hours

This piece follows some of my typical motifs. Portrait at bust black woman. I didn’t do my sad eyebrows this time, instead going for fuller brows. The biggest thing I wanted to highlight were the plants. I don’t typically draw plants, mostly due to me being scared of drawing them incorrectly. Elephant ears are nothing but the leaves and they are HUGE, but very simple. Still I was worried of messing them up. I don’t know if I have talked about this before, but there is that moment when you work where that one stroke of your brush…it just all comes together.

Other things that I did was play with the color balance. It gives a warm, earthy quality I did not have. I also added a pattern from an old pack I had. This really gave the piece some much needed texture, making the Elephant ears look more like plant like in my opinion.


  • Vibrant warm coloring
  • Texture
  • Like her hair and overall cleaner look


  • MORE LEAVES! I wanted a jungle look, but for some reason stopped at three leaves.
  • Wish I had detailed the hair to look like braids like I had intended. Still dreads/locks are cool.

Elephant Ears was fun to create. Hopefully I can do more flora (And fauna).





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