Art Supply review: Premiere by Nicole Dual Tip Design Marker

With a mouthful of a title, this is one of three new art supplies I picked up a few weeks ago during a trip to Michaels. The original purpose of my trip was to obtain Copics…only to find out they were not sold at the location I went to. I was going to settle on Prisma Color dual tips, but there was a major sale, and the majority of them were gone (not restocked at the moment). So I decided to take a chance on the Premiere by Nicole Dual Tips.

At just just 3.99 a pop, I bought 13 markers. That was about 43 dollars right there. The big reason I went for them was because they had a big selection of browns, which meant I finally would have a bigger selection of skin tones.

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The colors I purchased

  • Nutmeg-Skintone color
  • Caramel-Skintone color
  • Apricot-Skintone color
  • Eggshell- Skintone color
  • Latte
  • Saffron
  • Slate
  • Pewter
  • Tangerine
  • Pumpkin
  • Turquoise
  • Waterfall
  • LimeTwist

Nutmeg was the only available “darker” brown shade, and they didn’t have any cooler browns, which sucked (they were out of stock it seemed). That being said I like the shades. They are nice.

The paper I use is the Canson XL Mix Media paper. I mostly use markers in my sketchbook, so I work with those limitations in mind. Of course this not being a type of paper specifically made for markers, it will feather and bleed through. I typically take a scrap piece of water color paper, which while it shows up on the back, has enough tooth to absorb the ink of the marker!

Being dual tipped it has a fine tip and a broad edged tip. Most people seem to be into the brush tip because it is versatile and workable. I don’t have problems with the fine tip. It is what it is. Not much information is out about them right now, they are nonrefillable (but if you know the whole alcohol trick, you can refill them possibly). The design is pretty standard to what most dual tip markers follow: circular design, black, kind of bulky but fits in your hand. The caps come off easy enough, and the ends/caps have teeth like ridge patterns so the caps go in a specific way. The actual design is very reminiscent of a Prisma Color marker. Being dual tip there are two ways to figure out which side is which. There is the basic design of the tip you are using. Also the color label will be written on the broad tip as well.

I have really liked the colors. With the Ohuhu Brand I was much more of a fan of the lighter, pastel like colors. With Premiere, I was very into the deep vibrant and warmth that the colors had. In comparison I think I prefer Premiere’s color pallet more. Keep in mind I was able to chose the colors I wanted, which of course .

Some negatives…streak is inevitable. I have to do a couple of layers to get that even coat. Also when it comes to blending it has a harder time blending two colors of different spectrums. There is a blending marker available for purchase, but I didn’t think to buy it. However blending was not that big of an issue.  I rarely if ever do this with my markers in the first place so this isn’t a big issue for me. But could be for other artist. Also some of the markers felt a little dry to me? Possibly due to many people testing them, and leaving them open, but I was worried that ink would run out. Lastly you run the risk of color differences. What is presented on the cap may not be how it comes out on paper. Mind you again, taking into consideration what paper you are using, some of the colors can range from darker to lighter on the spectrum. I noticed that because the colors ran on the warmer side, it seemed like naturally cooler shades still had some warmth, or ran darker. I had this problem with Slate, Apricot, Tangerine (Which looked browner on the cap for some reason). I definitely advise testing these markers before purchase (if you can).

I bought mine individually but you can buy them as a set!

Overall, the markers are not shabby. If you are looking for Copics, then you will have to buy one of the more well known dupes or the brand itself. However these markers are fine and do their job perfectly!

Here are some videos I found reviewing the markers if anyone is interested!

Side note: I am sorry for lack of pictures! There were originally going to be images to help demonstrate, but I have been having issues with my camera! Next review will definitely have examples!


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