Art Post: Warmth

It’s time for a new art post!


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas board

Time: 7 Hours

I definitely like what I made. I do with I did better with filling up the space. There is the issue of white but other than that, I did everything I wanted. I am also getting into the habit of detailing hair. This is a very warm piece with a lot of reds oranges, and even the skintone is on the warmer side. I wanted to abstain from using black, but I did in some spaces.

Positives: Her hair! It looks more like hair. I always just stop at the beginning of detail, add shadows, and finish up there. Now I have been trying to add more depth to it…so to speak. This has definitely been some of my best work with hair in a traditional setting, and I hope to continue to improve. Other than that, I really like the half face idea, and felt a lot more comfortable in executing my idea. Also the colors. I loved working with warm colors. The skin I actually made by mixing instead of just using the distributed browns.

Negatives: Wish there was a more even quality to her skin. I envy painters that can do that even look, and it be smooth and consistent in quality. A lot of that might have to do with underpainting…which I am going to start. Other than that, I need to stop being scared and paint all the way. Obvious white sections can be seen.

I am definitely not mad at what I created with Warmth. Step by step I am getting to a new place with my art, and I just want to continue to learn and grow.



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