Pretty in Pink!

If there is one thing I hated about my art was how noticeable dark lines were. When using black graphite/lead, you can run the risk of leaving noticeable marks on your work. For some artist, this is just fine. They know how to cover it up or its an intentional part of the piece. I’m am neither. I can be heavy handed, so dark lines of the sketches tend to show. Now over the years I have gotten considerably better at making lighter marks. I have also found lead pencils that create light marks. Still I always worry if y’all can see that when I post.

That is…until around February…when I finally made the change.

Instead of the traditional black/grey graphite…I now use a regular pink color pencil.

When I mean regular I mean this.


I use a regular Crayola Color Pencil in Pink, and it is somewhat erasable. What’s most important though is that it is light enough to not show up as bad. I know artist that use red and blue, which achieve the same effect. The reason I went with pink is simply because it was the only color pencil I had available at that second (I had of course lost my usual drawing pencil and did not want to deal with the darker softer lead pencils). So I picked up the pink, tested it out on scrap paper, and then went to work.

Since then I have really been into drawing in pink. Not only does it save from embarrassing marks, I also don’t have to worry about possible mixing. Sometimes lead can mix with my liquid medium and distort the colors a little. I know there are fixatives I can use to prevent that…But eh. I haven’t had that issue with a color pencil (which will not mix with a color if it has been laid down…or at least Crayola doesn’t). Plus I don’t paint enough to spend that kind of money.

The pink color pencil has been a Godsend. As someone who is heavy handed, the darkness of the lines can just be too noticeable, and with pink it’s easy to cover up or ignore. Of course everyone is free to use what they want. There are artist who just make the black work and are light in their hand and it’s beautiful. I am not one of them. So if you are like me, get into the color pencils (erasable if you can).

FYI: you can purchase erasable color pencils. The PrismaColor Col-Erase have been super popular and are reasonably priced!



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